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Posted by Phuong Chi Trinh on December 14, 2018
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Write for a worth – living place in Hanoi – Tây Hồ District.

I was born and raised in the old town of Hanoi in the 80s, witnessing how much changing of Hanoi’s culture, traditional values ​​and people here.

Old Hanoi with empty streets, the train tinkling jingle with the people slowly cycling.

Hanoi today has many changes, the skyscraper rising everywhere, the hustle and bustle running around the streets, where the light is on all day and night.

In the center of city, perhaps only the old town and the westlake district still retain the oldest features.The old town, preserved by the city, almost retains the intact of ancient architecture, the two-storeyed block features wooden windows and balconies. This is the largest trading center in the city, as well as the culture of Hanoi, so the pace of life is always hustling day and night.

In the hustle and bustle of the city, the old town becomes a place for business rather than a place where we can relax and enjoy life. and then the westlake district became the destination of lovers of beauty, romance and peace.

The center of West Lake District is the west lake, like a lung filtered dust and noisy, bringing the residents here airy, cool and quiet environment. This is the gateway to the east of Hanoi, besides the two bridges, Nhat Tan and Thang Long, the two main roads to go to Noi Bai Airport, convenient for those travel lover.

The lake still retains the traditional beauty such as peach blossom village, riverside beaches, bamboo bushes, ancient temple with wooden roofs and doors. Along with the landscape here are the purest people. You can meet on the way home the farmers, the sellers, foreigners, .. even the bankers, millionaires… because this place has become the dream home of many Hanoian, including me.

Let’s try to live in Tay Ho district to feel what I say.